About Me

Scott Atwood – Air Transport Pilot-Multi, Single Engine-Commercial, Instrument, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI, Remote Pilot, A&P and my FCC Technician License.  Type Ratings- CE-500 and HS-125.

Born and raised in California.  I have been in the aviation field most of my adult life.  The only one with the flying bug in the family.  Joining the U.S. Air Force in 1986 as an Aircraft Maintenance Specialist.  I was very fortunate to be assigned to the A-10A for three of my duty assignments.  Deploying to Desert Shield/Storm in 1990 with the 511th, 10th  TFW to King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia.  After returning from Europe in 1992 I re-trained to be a Helicopter Maintenance Specialist.  I was assigned to work on the TH-53 and MH-53J airframe.  I’ve had the privilege of serving with the 23rd TFW, 8th TFW, 10th  TFW, 57th FW, and the 58th  SOW.

Over my years in the military I worked on my Private Pilot license off and on, not making much progress.  I made the decision 1995 the leave active duty to pursue my flying full time.  I took all of 1995 off to complete all my flight training from Private thru Multi Engine Instructor.  In 1996 started the journey as a Flight Instructor.  Building time and working my way into the 135 world flying charter, air ambulance, and spending time in the corporate world of flying.

In 2007, I made the decision to re-enlist into the Army National Guard as an UH-60 Helicopter Repairer.  In 2011 we deployed to Taji, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom / Operation New Dawn.  After returning from Iraq, I did some flight instructing and went to work flying a Citation 560 and Hawker 850XP.  After four years flying corporate, I have found myself back flying air ambulance here in Texas.

I have to say after 7600 accident and incident free hours, I don’t believe I would have done anything different.

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